Ridgewood Space Exploration and Astronomy in Minecraft Summer Camp!

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child in our Minecraft + Astronomy camp!

This ages 10-14 camp is entirely free and we are still open for enrollment.
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Over the five days will use Minecraft to learn about an awesome variety of topics, including:

– Exploring alternate Earth’s and distant exoplanets.
– Learning basic programming skills through an in-game data pack we call barrel-bot
– Designing your own base on Mars to endure the harsh Martian environment
– TO learn more about the WHIMC learning environment, watch this video:

Camp Information

Ridgewood Community High School
Room 160 Collaboration Center
7500 W Montrose Ave, Norridge, IL 60706

Dates and times
July 29 through August 2
9:00am to 12:30pm
Ages 10 to 14

Please drop off or pickup participants at the front of the school within 15 minutes before or after camp. A participant’s legal guardian will need to confirm all paperwork and permissions on the first day, and may waive or reassign pickup conditions (to friends, siblings, allow participants to bike home, etc) at that time. Your participant must be able to join for at least Monday through Thursday of the camp!

This camp is about science and learning, not just Minecraft. Make sure your child understands this – we won’t have any player-vs-player (PvP violent play, big game servers like Mineplex or Bedwars). We provide Minecraft accounts and computers for all students and everything is free!

To Enroll

This camp is part of a research study funded by the National Science Foundation run in collaboration with the University of Illinois and University of Pennsylvania. To enroll your child start with this registration form.